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Admission Management

-Online admission application facility for parents

-Assist the school for managing the whole admission process

-Separate reports for newly admitted students


-Circular to Student

-Circular to Staff

-Option of Attachment


-Effective communication between management , teachers , parents and students Improve students communication with teachers , keep students informed of activities and upcoming events


-Students as well as staff submit the feedback online which can be accessed by the faculty as well as principal

-parents can give feedback to principal of staff and staff can give feedback of students to parents

Fee Management

-Assign Fee heads

-Deductions/concessions class-wise/individual

-Advance fee remittance option

-Detailed reports

-Collection of transportation and admission fees possible

Inventory Management

-Contains different stores which has available inventory items

-Update inventory store with items

-Item Purchase Process and issuing inventory item to staff / student

Homework / Assignment

-Class-wise homework sms

-Assignment submission with attachment option

-Due date of each submission for all assignments


-Maintain all details of internal exams, and automatic result preparation and print soft copy of report cards

-Consolidated reports of marks for entire academic year based on CBSE CCE format

Timetable Management

-Allocation of timetable class wise

-Allocation of staff for optional subjects

-Whole week timetable for class and teachers