What is our aim?
EducationDoctor provided platform for software automation in education sector and wishes to develop confident, caring, inquiring individuals who are well prepared for the future and who become valued members of society. The whole educational community is committed to fulfilling this aim in the following way:

  the pursuit of excellence by simplifying daily operations.

 equal opportunities for all to understand the comfort for automation.

 the highest expectations of all achieving organizational goals and utilizing all potential of each individual.

 praising good effort and achievement with complete tracking of everything.

  high standards of behavior and appearance for organization values.

 providing opportunities for the professional development of staff for fulfillment of expectation of industry.

 harmonious working relationships within educational communities and their different actors with other agencies.

 developing links with local, national and international communities.

 an attractive, safe and happy environment.

 an attractive, safe and happy environmenta broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum.

 high quality teaching making it easier for tracking complete progress.