Highlights of Education Doctor

Web based Online Application
 Fees Payment ONLINE (Parents can pay the Fees using the Credit/Debit Cards)
 Its user friendly
 It is flexible and customizable to suit individual school needs
 Its highly secure and reliable
 24*7 accessibility for parents, office and teaching staff
 Multi-Level security for login process
 Serves as a vital communication tool for Office Staff, Teachers, Students and Parents
 Any time-Anywhere data availability through web for efficient management
 Academic performance evaluation for students throughout sessions
 Generation of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) Reports. CCE based final report card generation
 Communication made easy - Effective communication between management, teachers, parents and students Improve students communication with teachers,
   keep students informed of activities and upcoming events
 No hardware and management cost
 Reduction in work load of teachers
 No training is required for teachers
 No special IT infrastructure required from school side
 Database back up facility (Online)
 Master records available
 Online admission facility available
 Personalized home page for users (Parents) with high level security
 Online analysis of performance with a wide choice of graphs
 Low Priced online application
 Detailed class and child’s analysis for Parents, Teachers and School
 Our school information system reduces the work load up to 3 to 4 clerical staff
 Highly professional after sales support (Voice Chat / Email / Phone / On-site)

Admittance Management

 Online admission application submission facility for parents
 Online admission application submission facility for existing parents in an easy way
 Student Registration & Admissions module handles registration and admission process of both old and new students
 Assist the school admissions office for managing the whole admission process
 Previous school details can be added
 Separate pages for personal details, health details, parent details, previous school details
 Separate reports for newly admitted students

Fees Tracking

 Assign Fee heads
 Assign fee particulars commonly - school-wise, class-wise, division-wise, etc
 Deductions/concessions class-wise/individual
 Online Fee Payment Facility
 Collection of transportation and admission fees possible
 Advance fee remittance option
 Item-wise hiding of receipts
 Fee collection - total summary/item-wise
 Detailed reports
 Fee e-alerts - for dues/payments
 Fee head wise collection reports

Master Records

 Facility for adding Sessions, grades, divisions and classes
 Option for maintaining a particular date for weekends, age calculation, Admission starting dates, Receipt dates, Academic year starting dates, Online mark adding dates etc
 Provision for maintaining master records for Subjects, assessments, exam types, exam proposals, achievement grades
 Separate section for Co-scholastic Activities based on different grades
 Separate grading system for co scholastic activities based on different grades
 Separate section for Non-scholastic Activities based on different grades
 Separate grading system for Non scholastic activities based on different grades
 Separate master records for holiday list

Bus Route & Fleet Management

 Route management
 Fare setting / collection / report
 Bus Stop settings
 Dual conveyance allocation - class-wise and student-wise
 Track student and student listing
 Bus driver and helpers details
 Vehicle management
 Service details
 Insurance facts
 Bus wise and class wise student report
 Fleet Allocation

School Calendar

 Displays the list of holidays
 Separate calendar report for students and parents

Mark & Analyses(CCE)

 Mark entry based on Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation(CCE) which has been recently introduced by CBSE
 Maintain all details of activities according to CCE and convert in Grade as per the CBSE guide line and print marks sheets
 Report sent to parents through email
 Generate CCE Report Cards dynamically for every student
 Graphical chart of marks for performance evaluation of students and staff
 Separate Marks report for Kindergarten, classes I to X and class XI & XII
 Separate Reports for written exam and assessments based on CBSE CCE format
 Consolidated reports of marks for entire academic year based on CBSE CCE format
 Term wise consolidated report for each subject based on CBSE CCE format
 Separate reports for scholastic, non scholastic and co scholastic based on CBSE CCE format
 Customized progress sheet
 Maintain all details of internal exams, and automatic result preparation and print marks sheets
 We generate only soft copy of the report card. Printing of the report card will be done by the school

Student Management

 Information of students with photo, Siblings details, Parents information, Birth details etc
 Search facility with registration no., mobile, email etc
 Class wise student listing is available
 Promotion of students after final exams
 Shifting of class during the academic year
 Reports based on the status of students

Message System

 Customized personal email / message sending facility
 Attaching file option is available
 Personalized mail sending possible
 Parents and staff gets updated about the upcoming events, holidays etc

Exam Schedule Management

 Exam timetable allocation for Kindergarten, I to X and XI and XII classes
 Option for adding mark adding dates

Staff Management

 eparate entry for teaching staff, Office staff and Non teaching staff
 Store all personal, relative, spouse, family, academic, professional, health details of staff
 Blocking of staff is possible
 Retired staff data maintained for future reference
 Separate reports for all staff
 Separate report of staff showing the expiry details of important documents

Library Management

 Keep track of students book issued, book returned, books lost and fine collected
 Date wise search facility available
 Separate reports based on students, books etc
 Separate Report based on librarian
 Generate NO dues certificate and reports
 Separate report for fine collected for delayed return and book lost case

Timetable Management

 Allocation of timetable class wise
 Combine class timetable allocation possible
 Allocation of staff for optional subjects
 Assign mark entry option for subjects taken by more than one staff
 Separate reports based on class and staff
 Whole week timetable for class and teachers

Lesson Plan Management

 Daily lesson plan adding facility
 Track the teacher’s performance by surprise visit to class
 Making teachers report based on surprise visit and taking remedial measures to improve performance
 Keep a track on defaulters
 Effective time management using lesson plan

Attendance Tracker

 Student attendance
 Mark attendance session-wise or day-wise or student wise
 Parents can view only the concerned student’s attendance
 Teachers have access to the entire class attendance
 Separate absenteeism report
 Notification sent to parents for absent students

Functions & Event Managements

 Manages the extracurricular activities for students
 Date wise display of events
 Manage competitions in arts and sports
 Album of past events can also be stored
 Alert to parents and staff about the upcoming events

Syllabus, Assignments & Question Papers

 Previous years question paper can be uploaded
 Assignments for each class can be added
 Parents can download the assignments and worksheet

Notice Board

 Special announcements, institute awards, activities can be added
 Separate alert for parent and staff


 Reports generation in Acrobat PDF and Microsoft Excel
 Report of students according to status (active and inactive)
 Report of Newly admitted Students
 Class wise report of students
 Report of Drop out students
 Report of students based on second language and optional subjects
 View and download assignments and syllabus
 Separate Marks report for Kindergarten, classes I to X and class XI & XII
 Separate Reports for written exam and assessments based on CBSE CCE format
 Consolidated reports of marks for entire academic year based on CBSE CCE format
 Term wise consolidated report for each subject based on CBSE CCE format
 Separate reports for scholastic, non scholastic and co scholastic based on CBSE CCE format
 Generation of Progress Report in PDF format
 Separate graphical chart of exam marks for parents
 Graphical Comparison of marks with previous years. This helps in evaluating the teachers performance Comparison graphical chart of all exam marks for parents.
   This helps in evaluating the students performance
 Grade wise graphical report of subjects, to evaluate the teachers, whose is teaching same subject
 Gender wise graphical report of exam marks
 Report for missing mark entry, to track the inefficient staff
 Report of students based on bus, route and mode of transport
 Class wise student bus report
 Staff wise and class wise timetable reports
 Attendance and absenteeism report based on class and students
 Report of students whose important details is missing (missing details which effect the working of the online application)
 Parent login reports – last login date
 Report of Library books issued, books lost
 Librarian wise report of book issued and books lost
 Reports of to do list
 Separate Reports of teaching staff, office staff and non teaching staff
 Separate reports for expiry dates of important documents of students, teaching staff, office staff and non teaching staff
 Separate reports of staff whose documents is provided by school
 Active and inactive reports of all staff

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